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No fluff. No canned, bland, boring keynotes. No "rah-rah". Just up-to-date, actionable sessions delivered by real practitioners who actually DO!
DAY 1 - Monday, July 22nd, 2019:
Revenue Optimization Mechanics (The What? and Why?)
Sets the framework that lets you implement Revenue Optimization into your own store. We'll cover the core growth levers to focus on, Shopify dashboard diagnostics, duplicatable performance case studies and more. Day one is kind of like upgrading your car with performance parts to help it run better.
DAY 2 - Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019:
Revenue Optimization Implementation (The How!)
Dive into the specifics with store page audits, instant ROI optimizations and hacks, and how to use your data to uncover big wins in your business. With proper ordering for maximum results! How to apply what you have learned with sequencing to accelerate your Growth, and Scaling. Day two is kind of like dumping out the gas in your newly upgraded car and replacing it with Rocket Fuel.

"In less than 90 days BGS increased our Organifi Shopify store from a $2.5 million run rate to a $8million run rate."

- Drew Canoli

"Since we started working with Build Grow Scale our sales have increased from $300k per month to $2 Million per month and we're not slowing down."

- Keegan Rush

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Buy your ticket today knowing you are 100% protected should your schedule suddenly change before 7/1/19.If by July 1st you know you can't make it, just let us know and we'll take care of you and refund your ticket price. So you risk nothing by grabbing your ticket now.
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