"The Can't Miss Ecommerce Event of 2018!!"
July 23rd & 24th
Reno, Nevada
Start Making Money BEFORE Lunch On Day 1!
(We’re The Only People On The Planet Who Can Pull This Off For You)
When you attend BGS LIVE this year, during registration, in addition to your name badge and goodie bag (which is awesome), our team will also give you a special USB hard drive of which only 500 have been made.
On that hard drive is a…
Proprietary BGS Checkout Optimization Script
...that will make you money the same day it’s installed on your store!
And we are giving it to you for FREE when you attend BGS Live.
Not only that, but the first training session of the event is called “Hacking Your Store’s Money Page”, during which, we will teach you how to customize the script for your store and help install it on your store...DURING THE SESSION!

Before the first session of day one is complete, you will have a fully functioning and customized to you script installed that has completely optimized your store’s checkout process.

If your store is getting traffic, then you will be seeing increased revenue BEFORE LUNCH!

We use this script on every single one of ours and our clients stores and it is responsible for tens of thousands of extra revenue each day.
On just one store…
It’s that powerful. It works on every Shopify store. We don’t run traffic to a store without it.
And you and the other BGS Live Attendees will be the only ones who have it.
There is no other way to get this script other than to come to the event.
Now, as cool as that is, it’s literally only the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll be getting at BGS LIVE...
Give Us Just 2-Days And We’ll Show You…
The ONE THING To Double, Triple, Even 10X Your Store!
This one thing takes away your frustrations around traffic, product, conversions, cash flow and growth… almost instantly!
In the first 2-hours of Day One, you’ll learn how to instantly improve your store metrics like this below… 

From: Tanner Larsson
Best Selling Author and mentor to thousands!

To: Ambitious Shopify Storeowners

It’s RARE to come to a LIVE event and, in the first 2-hours, learn how to quickly add an extra ‘0’ to your revenue…

But that’s EXACTLY what’s in store for you at this years #BGSLIVE event on 23rd & 24th of July in Reno, Nevada!  
Hi, my name is Tanner Larsson.
I want to show you the latest up-to-date Shopify hacks that have contributed to over…
$100-Million of NEW SALES in the last 12-months!

Plus, I want to show you what we’re working on RIGHT NOW to DOUBLE this number in the next 6-months!

Here’s an example of one of our clients stores from this year compared to the same time last year and as you can see they saw over a 200% increase...

With Build Grow Scale’s Processes, this kind of growth has become predictable and duplicatable. 

See, over the 15-years I’ve been in this crazy ecom-world, I’ve not only made every mistake in the book…

I’ve also cracked-the-code of how to 10X almost any Shopify store at breakneck speed!

You’ll see exactly HOW YOU WILL DO THIS TOO when you’re in the room, but you may have to smashing some limiting beliefs, okay?

Let me explain…

Why Focusing On Facebook Ads and Product Selection Is Massively Limiting Your Revenue! 

Sounds crazy? Don’t believe me? Listen up… If you want the best results, you have to find out what the best-of-the-best are doing!

In most cases, it’s OPPOSITE to what everyone else is doing!

After yeeeeears of burning-and churning through products and shifting our attention AWAY from trying to scale Facebook Ads… We eventually zeroed into the “ONE THING” that totally changed the numbers in our business, almost overnight!

If you want the best results, you have to find out what the best-of-the-best are doing!

When we worked this out, we were able to help Drew Canoli and Organifi grow their Shopify store from $2.75-Million to $8.4-Million Revenue in 12-months!

Plus, increased their Repeat Customer Rate by 70% - and bumped Conversion Rate from 2% to 7%.

Keep reading to find out what this ONE THING is...
No More Expensive Guesses!

If you’ve hit an invisible ceiling and can’t scale… Chances are you’re wasting your hard earned money on a bunch of expensive guesses… Try and fix the problem!

True or true? How’s that working for you?

Think about this…

Imagine knowing EXACTLY what levers to pull to quickly move-the-needle in your business!

And imagine bypassing all the guesswork and knowing the fastest path to more revenue and profits?

Believe it or not, when we reveal this secret to you at the event, you’ll have a newfound love affair with NUMBERS and METRICS!

It’ll feel like you almost have NO Competition!

Here’s another example of how we took one store from $0.71 Value Per Visitor to $2.29 Value Per Visitor in just 3-days by following our “ONE THING!”

Data-Driven Secrets from 7 & 8-Figure Shopify Stores!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), which is an essential daily practice for serious players, however…

Conversion rate is just a metric. It’s not the holy grail.

All we have to do to “optimize” your conversion rate is lower your prices! (but that causes more problems)

How many stories have you heard of so-called Ecom Superstars with stores doing over $100K per month, but making dismal profits?

What’s the point, right?

I mean, why endure the stress of running a multimillion-dollar physical product business when, financially, you’re barely making your ends meet?

And how many more Facebook-Ad courses do you have to buy before you WAKE UP and realize you’re climbing a ladder that’s leaning against the wrong wall?

"If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster." – Stephen Covey

I can almost GUARANTEE that if you’ve hit a brick wall in your business…

Shifting your focus to ...
will be an INSTANT Game-Changer for You!

Don’t be the pioneer and eat up all your money and resources trying to guess…

Instead, look over our shoulder and model what’s working now!

We have a team of 6 fulltime US based Revenue Optimization Experts who spend over 300-hours per week:

  • Running A/B Split Testing Ideas
  •  Improving Customer Journey Based On Buyer Psychology
  •  Researching NEW Lifetime Customer Value Opportunities
  •  Coding scripts and tools to automate and maximize revenue
  •  Improving store performance based on deep GA & GTM analysis

All of which is based on millions of dollars PER MONTH of Actual Sales Across over a DOZEN different Industries!

We don’t just do this for ourselves, we also do revenue optimization for over a dozen major clients including…


(*Actual Ticket Price is $797. Once $500 Coupon is applied, the discounted ticket price becomes $297)
Here’s what to expect when Revenue Optimization becomes your #1 Focus

Established Personal Health Brand Implemented Revenue Optimization And Added An Extra $800,000 To Their Income In 90 Days...

This is a 6-year old brand that thought they were doing everything right...and by most people’s standards they were.

With the opportunity we have by working on so many different stores, we were able to identify things that they wouldn’t have been able to discover on their own.

The current run rate of this brand is now north of $24 Million for 2018...imagine what this will look like by the holiday season 💰

Unique Children’s Apparel Brand Gets Venture Funding Upon Switching Focus To Revenue Optimization!

Zac Park, is the creator of CubCoats, a cool stuffed animal that folds inside out to reveal a super comfy kids sweatshirt.

CubCoats had done everything right from a product, manufacturing, supply chain and branding side of things, but it wasn’t until Zac attended a BGS workshop, saw what was missing and immediately shifted his company’s focus to ‘Revenue Optimization”.

Now, Cubcoats numbers are skyrocketing and investors are lining up to give them money. FitFabFun just bought a percentage of the company and their list of Celebrity investors is growing like crazy.

As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve just secured several licensing deals with some of the largest companies on the planet to produce specialty CubCoats.

The Largest Companies In The World Take Notice When You Focus On Revenue Optimization...

Breath Rox is a brand that the owners originally believed would only work as a novelty item in physical stores due to its low sub-$10 price point and the fact that people had no idea what it was.

However, The BGS team was up to the challenge and through a joint collaboration and the laser focus on ‘revenue optimization’, Breath Rox is now on track to do over $1,000,000 in its first year with a rapidly growing subscription base of users acquired 100% through online advertising.



(*Actual Ticket Price is $797. Once $500 Coupon is applied, the discounted ticket price becomes $297)
You Are An Ecompreneur  If…
  •  You’re not afraid to make mistakes and when you do you bounce back up and keep hustling…
  •  You’re smart enough to NOT be the pioneer with arrows in your back and instead model what’s working! 
  •  You GET SH*T DONE no matter what because your “WHY” drives you to be a doer and not a dabbler 
  •  You operate from DETERMINATION instead of waiting for motivation!  
  •  You’re an unstoppable visionary who is burning a blazing legacy for people to follow for generations to come 

What's Working Now...
2018 RESULTS from Clients & Students
Successful people are not always great teachers. We’re different. We not only hit record-breaking conversions on our own stores, but when we run events like BGS LIVE, we also help a flood of successful students get amazing results, like below:
From Formulation To Design To Launch To Scale.
We were approached by what we consider a dream client and asked to partner with and apply our strategies to products previously only sold through mainstream media.
One fun example is a joint venture we did with Ryan Seacrest that we helped them build from the ground up...
Multiple 6-Figures Within 60 Days Of Launch To Cold Traffic With A Brand New Product.

Another fun project was when they asked us to re-launch a previously failed venture and see if we could get it to work online despite the core product only having a $10 price point.

Traditionally, low price point products like this struggle online because they cannot get their Average Order Value high enough to cover the Cost Of Acquisition.

This more than any other project put our proprietary Revenue Optimization system to the test...and in all honesty, forced us to make some improvements.

Now, I’d love to say we figured it out on the first try, but in actuality it took us 3 tries before we “cracked the code” on this store.
But even still, the result was everything we could hope for.
Brothers, Cory and Keegan, Are On Pace To More Than 10X Their Sales In 12 Months! 
(If they can quit breaking their supply chain 😲)

The Rush brothers have graduated from the old t-shirt platform days to build their own Print On Demand (POD) brand that now rivals the biggest platforms with thousands of sellers.

On their own, they had built a very respectable business that was doing low six figures per month.

Once they incorporated Revenue Optimization as a cornerstone of their business, their growth exploded so fast that they’ve broken their supply chain multiple times. (great problem to have right?)

Despite the supply chain issues, revenue optimization has allowed them to bounce back repeatedly from any set back and be stronger as a result.

And you’ll get to hear from one of the brothers on stage sharing his first hand experience at this year's BGS LIVE.
10 Year Old Family Company Is Making More Money With Less Traffic, And Enjoying A High Double Digit Increase In Repeat Customers

Anson Belt & Buckle Co. is owned by Frank & David Ferree a father and son team out of North Carolina who have brought innovation to an industry that as a whole wasn’t serving the needs of its customers.

As a small family owned business, Frank & David were were at a serious disadvantage trying to compete with firmly entrenched (and funded) fashion brands.

With the inclusion of Revenue Optimization as a core focus of their business, they are now able to effectively grow their brand at scale while stealing market share from the big boys.

And it’s not just our clients…
Award Winning 7 & 8 Figure Ecom Insiders

At the event, you’ll get to see us reward over two dozen well deserving ‘Ecom Insiders’ (our students) for Breaking the 7 and/or 8 Figure Barrier with their store!

Not only that, you will LEARN valuable insights from our CLOSED-DOOR interviews with these winners…and discover their personal breakthroughs that helped them reach this epic milestone.

(We will reveal the award to the
world on day one of the event)


(*Actual Ticket Price is $797. Once $500 Coupon is applied, the discounted ticket price becomes $297)
This Is NOT Like Any Other Event!

Unlike other conferences, this isn’t one big pitch-a-thon.

You won’t be confused by a parade of random speakers trying to take you down 10 completely different, and contradicting paths. (Let’s face it, that just leaves you with more questions than when you arrived, right?)

I’ve designed this 2-day event to be a cohesive JOURNEY.

Every speaker that you’ll listen to has been strategically picked by the Build Grow Scale team (and placed in a strategic order) because they have MASTERED a specific piece of what it takes to grow your business from $0-$1M, $1-M-$10M, or $10M-$100M using Revenue Optimization.

I’ll be taking you on the END-TO-END journey from...
“Here’s How You Get Your Ecom Foundations In Place To Create Your 7-Figure Store!”
“Here’s ALL Of The Revenue Optimizations and Scaling Strategies You’ll Need To Grow Your Business To $10 Million”
“Here’s How To Take Your 8-Figure Brand, And Continue To Grow It Into A 9-Figure Empire”
It’s a process. 
Which means, you’ll need to be in EACH session (notebook in hand), so you don’t miss any of the key steps along the path. 
Meet The Speakers
Tanner Larsson
Serial Entrepreneur , Author

The guy who started it all. Tanner has been in the ecommerce space since 2001 and is the founder of Build Grow Scale. He is also the author of ‘Ecommerce Evolved’ which has become the bible of modern day ecommerce.

Tanner’s teachings have been used by thousands of ecompreneurs to build 6, 7 and 8-figure businesses and as a result he’s been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc, Huffington Post, Forbes and more as the #1 Ecommerce Instructor on the planet.

The only difference between you and Tanner is the number of times he’s been willing to fail to figure out the roadmap he now shares with you. 

During his presentations, Tanner will be sharing not only on BGS’s wins, but also their failures along the way because more is learned from a failure and what not to do, than from wins that come easy.

Matthew Stafford
Jumps Out of Perfectly Good Airplanes

Matthew is Tanner’s partner in Build Grow scale and is the mad scientist behind the data and the development of BGS’s “revenue Optimization” system.

Matt got his start online running traffic to his brick and mortar businesses. This morphed into him selling physical products and ultimately into buildout a enterprise level print on demand platform and print facility.

Matt has a keen eye for impediments in the customer journey and is great with interpreting the data to find the diamonds in the rough. He also has a great way of seeing things from the business owners perspective having run his own companies for the past 27 years.

Although he won’t tell you himself, he’s also become known as the top Shopify Optimization expert in the game and spends a ton of time turning away people that want to work with him.

When Matt takes the stage he will be sharing his optimization methodology and how he only focuses on the key areas that really “move the needle” in a business. (As he’s probably gonna say multiple times during the event...not all revenue is created equal.)

Matthew Schmitt
Rapid Growth Expert

Matt started out as an entrenched corporate suit working for Anheuser Busch responsible for the purchasing of all beer cans and materials in North America.

He built his Ecommerce business on the side, and has now been on his own and calling his own shots for 2 years. He and his wife Amanda now live life 100% on their terms and have just purchased their dream home.

Matt found BGS early in his Ecom career and leveraged that to eventually join our exclusive Black Label Mastermind as he built his multi-million dollar per year ecommerce business.

Not only will Matt, be sharing his knowledge with you during his presentation but you will also get to see him be awarded a 7-Figure Award live on stage for his success with his Shopify store.

Cory Rush
Systems & Scaling Expert

Cory has built and sold multiple ecommerce brands, and has sold over $50 million worth of products in just his first 4 years online.

Cory and his brother Keegan are also members of our Black Label Mastermind and we’ve learned a ton from them contributing their methodology for tracking and daily metrics. (This is something no store should be without!)

And when you attend BGS Live you’ll get to absorb his processes as well as how they create brands worth buying. 

Plus you’ll be get to see Cory & Keegan be awarded both a 7-Figure award and an 8-Figure Achievement award.

Victoria Griggs
Ecommerce Advertising Ninja

Victoria runs her own boutique Facebook ads agency and also her own Shopify store in the Kitchen niche.

Victoria first came to BGS as one of Tanner’s coaching students and used what she learned to launch her own brand.

She is also one of the best on the planet at running effective Facebook ad campaigns and now runs all of the Ads for Build Grow Scale, as well as our brands and many of our clients brands.

She is our goto resource for anything and everything Facebook Ads and she is also very good at breaking it down and teaching it, which she does on a weekly basis for our Ecom Insiders.

You will come away from Victoria’s presentation with a whole new understanding of how to scale FB ads effectively.

Igor Silva
Ecommerce Tech Wizard

Igor started out as one of Tanner’s coaching students and has rapidly become a trusted resource inside the BGS family.

Known as “Agent Igor” to our Ecom Insiders, Igor is a passionate and insanely knowledgeable technical expert and he is the guy that translates your ideas for your store into reality.

He is also exceptional at breaking down complex topics into easily understood and duplicatable pieces and he will be teaching you some of the BGS secret sauce live on stage at BGS LIVE.

In addition to the main speaker line up, you will also have the privilege of interacting with and learning from
 The BGS Revenue Optimization Team...
Aleksandar Nikoloski
We nicknamed Aleks the site whisperer because of his ability find the nuances in a site that derail the customer journey and create purchase friction. You’ll get to hear from Aleks on stage and he’ll be on hand to answer questions.
Casey Brown
Casey runs all our split tests and is also known for coming up with outlandish ideas that we call “hail mary’s”. These crazy ideas often turn into big wins on our stores. Casey will be available to answer your questions during the event.
Haley Morgan Spindler
Haley’s a 7-figure store owner herself. As part of the BGS team she is exceptionally good with buyer avatars and how to implement revenue optimization based on buyer trust signals. She talks quietly but packs a punch.
James Backenstose
James has been integral in helping BGS develop its Revenue suite of software and apps. He is a wizard when it comes to optimizing the shopping cart and money pages of a store. He’ll be at the event to answer questions.
Christina Gonzalez
Christina’s superpower is she can put up with Matt & Tanner on a daily basis which makes her a rockstar by default… In addition to that she is our go to Klaviyo and email follow up expert. She’ll be on hand to talk crap about us and make sure that we serve you at the highest level.
Jordan Singh
Jordan is our lead developer and is responsible for all the magic our team of programmers have achieved with our Revenue Tool Suite as well as our custom code optimizations. We couldn’t do what we do without this Ninja!
Pankaj Singh
When it comes to data Pan is our man. He is an absolute wizard with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. We know what data we want and need...Pan is the man that knows how to track it and then serve it to us on a silver platter. He was our first optimization hire and it wouldn’t be what it is without him.
Over $50,000,000 in Sales & 700,000 Bottles Sold!

The BGS team is a great group of people who are absolutely crushing it in e-commerce, and they have a methodical step-by-step way of teaching that is based on what they're really doing in their own businesses which I think separates them from most people out there so I'm a big fan" 

Ed O’Keefe
Author of Time Collapsing
CEO, Marine Essentials


(*Actual Ticket Price is $797. Once $500 Coupon is applied, the discounted ticket price becomes $297)
Just a Few of the People Whose Businesses Have Grown As a Result of a Build Grow Scale Event and Coaching
What This Event Is NOT!
  •  We’re NOT rehashing old, outdated strategies that worked 12-months ago
  •  DEFINITELY not a pitch-fest with a dozen random speakers flogging their wares 
  •  NOT a ‘teaser’ event with light content and no ’meat’ (we hate that too) 
  •  Not just theories or ideas that ‘might’ work with no PROOF of success 
  •  NOT just flash-in-the-pan tactics that work today and are gone tomorrow 
  •  This is a DOUCHE-FREE ZONE and we do NOT tolerate whiners!  
  •  NO WAY will this be event be like ANY other event you’ll ever attended 
What This Event IS!
  •  HANDS-ON actionable content BACKED by real-time proven data
  • RAW and REAL presentations from “in-the-trenches” Ecompreneurs 
  • RESULT-DRIVEN-DATA case studies for you to copy, swipe and employ 
  • World Class networking with the sharpest Ecompreneurs alive today! 
  • Joint Venture opportunities with generous non-ego attendees willing to help
  • EXPECT to make life-long fruitful connections that will pay you for life 
  • Jaw-dropping value bombs that can be implemented in MINUTES! 
  • Walking away each day knowing you made the best decision of your life 
  • WORLD-CLASS Education that can be IMPLEMENTED at the event! 
Why You Need To Attend BGS LIVE

If you're thinking to ignore this event, then think again. Missing this event will cost you more heavily than you think.

Both in the way of exact tactical ‘how to’ systems which increase your revenue right away and in the personal relationships of top players focused on growing their 6 figure businesses into 7 figure ecommerce brands… and 7 figure business owners scaling into becoming 8 figure enterprises.

This is an event for doers who want to work smart NOT hard.

We’ve spent and managed millions of dollars in ad spend and testing to figure out the "proven" optimizations that are the 20% of improvements you can make that will produce 80% more results than all the other optimizations combined.

The only possible outcome is that your store becomes more optimized and makes more money. It has worked from day 1 and will still be working right on up until the internet dies...and we all know how likely that is.


And this is true whether you are just getting started or if you are already a veteran ecommerce store owner.

This is your chance to skip the testing process and jump to the front of the line with what actually works.

Additionally, this is an interactive event. You are encouraged to ask questions so we can better serve you in scaling your business.


No fluff. No canned, bland, boring keynotes. No "rah-rah". Just up-to-date, actionable sessions delivered by real practitioners who actually do.

DAY 1 - Monday, July 23rd, 2018:
Revenue Optimization Mechanics (The What? and Why?)

This sets the framework for you to be able to implement Revenue Optimization into your own store. We will cover the core growth levers to focus on, Shopify dashboard diagnostics, duplicatable performance case studies and more. Day one is kind of like upgrading your car with performance parts to help it run better.

DAY 2 - Tuesday, July 24th, 2018:
Revenue Optimization Implementation (The How!)

On day two we dive into the specifics with store page audits, instant ROI optimizations & hacks, and how to use your data to uncover big wins in your business. With proper ordering for maximum results! How to apply what you have learned with sequencing to accelerate your Growth, and Scaling. Day two is kind of like dumping out the gas in your newly upgraded car and replacing it with Rocket Fuel.

You’re Invited To Sunday’s “Icebreakers” Party!

Since BGS Live starts on Monday, we are hosting an exclusive party and networking event on the night of Sunday, July 22nd. And you’re invited!

The last thing we want you to do is stay in your room and keep to yourself.

We want to make sure you meet as many new people as possible, and our “Icebreakers” welcome party is the best way. You’ll make lasting new relationships so you can get the most out of BGS Live. More details will be released prior to the event.

And don’t forget prizes!

There will also be special daily drawings during the event. You may win a Kindle reader, Ipad, or any number of gadgets. But you have to be in the room to win.

This Event Is All About You

Go to an enormous marketing event and you probably won’t get to ask even one question. At Build Grow Scale LIVE, you get a 2-day adventure designed to add dollars to your bottom line.

One way you get your questions answered is thru our All Star Panel. The All Star Panel was almost everyone’s favorite part of last year’s event. So this year we’ve DOUBLED the number of panels so we can offer you…

Monday’s All Star Panel will be with the BGS Revenue Optimization Team sharing their optimization secrets and talking about what and how they break down a site to skyrocket its performance.

And A GROWTH All Star Panel on Tuesday to give you insights from the people that have “been there & done that” before.

“Well, question and answer panels are nothing new,” you may say. But our “growth” panels are different for two reasons. Everyone on the panel is already making over $1,000,000 per year in their own ecom business (that’s the big difference). And second, what may seem weird is we do not pre-plan who will be on the panel.

That’s right. Before the panel begins, we pick stars from the audience AT RANDOM. The people who end up on the panel had no idea they were going to be asked. If that seems odd, let me tell you why we do it that way.

Randomly picking people to be on the panel makes for a more interesting, fascinating, and rare experience you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll hear secrets, strategies, and solutions other people will never hear because no one else in the world will have these exact panels in front of them, like you will.

I know you’re smart, talented, hard working. So if you have a business that’s online, competitive, and profitable, ask yourself why you are not as successful, rich or wealthy as you know you should be by now?
Build Grow Scale LIVE lets you benefit from the experiences of experts so you can navigate the path ahead.
Grab Your $500 Coupon Now!
Click the button below to claim your $500 coupon and then get your ticket for only $297, instead of $797!
ENDS JUNE 4, 2018
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ENDED JUNE 4, 2018
JUN 5 - JUL 5
JUL 6 - JUL 22
JULY 23, 2018

$797  $297 TODAY!*

(*Actual Ticket Price is $797. Once $500 Coupon is applied, the discounted ticket price becomes $297)
Our Sponsors
We couldn't Do it Without you...
The Venue
Peppermill Resort
Reno, Nevada
BGS Live will be held at the Peppermill Resort in Reno, NV. This is our favorite hotel as it’s got great vibes, elegant styling and a fun atmosphere.
You get the high-class amenities you expect and deserve, free high-speed internet your entire stay, and a room rate you simply won’t believe!
The event starts early Monday and goes all day - with short breaks (we may even run longer than anticipated...it's been known to happen). 
Plenty of "after hours" time for wheelin' and dealin' at the bar. 
We have a lot of fun, but this is a working event, so come prepared and be ready to dig in.
Peppermill Resort
2707 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89502

(866) 821-9996
July 23 & 24, 2018

Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions...

When & Where Is The Event?

Event:  Build Grow Scale Live 

Hosts:  Tanner Larsson, Matthew Stafford & Build Grow Scale 

Location: Reno, Nevada 

Airport:  Reno Tahoe International  (RNO) 

Dates: July 23rd and 24th, 2018 

Hotel: Peppermill Resort

Basic Itinerary: 

Sunday, July 22nd @ 7PM to 10PM: Meet And Greet party 

Monday, July 23rd @ 8AM to 6PM: Event 

Tuesday, July 24th @ 8AM to 6PM: Event 

Tuesday, July 24th @ 7PM - 10PM: Secret Party

Plan on booking your flight to arrive the day before the event starts so you can hang with everyone that evening during the social meet up. You also want to leave Wednesday or later so you don't miss the Tuesday night festivities.

Does The Event Have A Guarantee? 

Yes we do. Buy your ticket today knowing you are 100% protected should your schedule suddenly change before 7/1/18.If by July 1st you know you can't make it, just let us know and we'll take care of you. So you risk nothing by grabbing your ticket now.

Can I send My Team/Staff? 

Absolutely. If you have someone in charge of your ecommerce store, a marketing intern, project manager or Chief marketing officer, this is a great way to get your staff trained up on effective ecom optimizations FAST.

Do You Have A Spouse Or Partner Discount? 

Due to the extremely limited seat availability, and the already discounted prices we are not able to offer a spouse or partner discount.  If you are bringing someone with you, they will need to have their own ticket.

Who Is This Best For? (Can It Help My Business) 

This workshop is designed for ecommerce entrepreneurs of all experience levels who sell physical products via store or funnel.  No matter where you are at, you will walk away with an actionable optimization plan to improve your ecommerce business.

If you are brand new, then you will likely also learn a bunch of cool methods and strategies that do not apply to you yet, BUT this way you have them in your hip pocket for when you are ready for them.

Do I Need Any Facebook Ad Experience? 

Facebook advertising experience is not required to get the most of this experience. If you have it, great, I’ll take you to a whole other level. If you don’t, not to worry, we’ll make sure you have what you need.

What Do I need To Have Ready To Make The Most Of The event? 

Nothing really. The event is designed to be and fully contained experience, meaning we’ll cover everything we need during the time we are together. Just come ready to share, discuss and take notes.


$797  $297 TODAY!*

(*Actual Ticket Price is $797. Once $500 Coupon is applied, the discounted ticket price becomes $297)